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as a result of n ever-ending efforts for self-innovation since the establishment of the company 50 years ago. lgi is reborn as a specialized company serving various new functions from being a mere trading company that facilitated imports and exports into and from korea. lgi's past as a trading company played a role as a faithful companion of korea's economic development, and it was able to experience both growth and expansion, which were the dominating values of the time. the accomplishments from the past have set the cornerstones for the present lgi to leap into the bright future. lgi provides optimal products and services to clients from all around the world through its various means, such as exports, imports, offers, compensation trades, trilateral transactions and technology transfers. major export commodities are plants, electronics, telecommunication devices, petrochemical raw materials and products, steel and machinery. the company focuses on developing strategic product lines that suit different regional needs from all around the world. major import commodities are energy and industrial material items such as crude oil , bituminous coal and non-ferrous metal, necessary for the national economy. consequently, overseas investment & resource development are two of the most important strategic businesses of the company. lgi strives to realize the vision of becoming a specialized marketing company for it products through reestablishing its business portfolio. the company is expanding its fields to include digital image equipment , games and network-related devices and construction materials, as well as market distribution to create new sources of profit generation. it is also putting forward the utmost efforts to become a world-class fashion company by strengthening rrm(risk return management) and strategic brand management while accumulating merchandizing capacity through fostering a specialized workforce. the recent changes in the business environment have shed a bright light for the future, filled with possibilities for lgi. in the midst of accelerated globalization, global-scale specializat i on has become a trend, and this is to have more of a positive influence on functional business than on regional manufacturers. it will increase opportunities for sourcing and distribution businesses,which are wh ere the strengths of lgi lie. lgi's two mid-to-long t e r m objectives are: securing a stable profit structure through expansion of the independent commercial sector; and promoting excellence as a specialized company of planning and marketing. continuous efforts will be put into reaching these goals, and further more into becoming the lgi first-rate company in realization of customer value maximization.



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