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the british council operates in china as the cultural and education section of the british embassy in beijing, and the cultural and education section of the british consulates-general in shanghai, guangzhou and chongqing. the british council is the uk's international organisation for educational and cultural relations. the british council is based in 109 countries and 227 towns and cities worldwide. our purpose is to win recognition abroad for the uk's values, ideas and achievements, and nurture lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with other countries. in china we aim to create opportunities in education, english language learning and cultural exchange for young chinese people; we showcase british excellence, innovation and creativity in the arts; support china's extensive restructuring of its legal, social and economic system; and collaborate on science and technology projects throughout china. every year in china the british council handles over 25,000 enquiries about britain. our information centres in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and chongqing are open to the public and offer internet access, books, newspapers, magazines, videos, ielts resources and information about study in the uk. our centres also organise a huge variety of british events, workshops, exhibitions and seminars each year.our website: is a great source of information about britain and the british council's operation in china. it contains information about examinations, arts events, governance projects, science projects and much more. you can also find information in chinese about studying in the uk on our new website .the british council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the uk and builds lasting relationships between the uk and other countries.



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