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1. With fluent english reading, listening, writing and speaking ability, able to communicate with foreigner independently;
2. With strong ability to source various products as per client's requirements and bargain the most competitive prices with China suppliers, and negotiate with clients to win orders;
3. 1+ years in similar position in textile area like garment, toys, bags,furnishing;
4. Can work under great pressure with good working attitude, enthusiaam and high responsibility.


  • 年龄要求: 20~40岁
  • 语言要求:不限







  Founded in 1989 in the Netherlands by Piers Morgan and Ingrid Smit, Animal Magic BV was incorporated in Holland in 1990. Initially conceived as a supplier of high end Plush Toys, Animal Magic rapidly moved its business model from that of importer/distributor to that of manufacturer; establishing the Company in the early growth of soft toy manufacturing in Southern China.
Until 1995 the Companys market had been exclusively European, but a change in marketing strategy from the supply of generic soft toys, to the provision of a fully integrated design and manufacturing service, allowed the company to globalise its business.
The opening of the Company’s Hong Kong offices on 1st July 1997 coincided with an introduction into international Children’s Publishing. This opened up a new market and rapidly the company found demand for its design and manufacturing expertise.
By 1999 the growing commercial stability in China gave Piers the courage to move away from Joint Venture manufacturing. Following the acquisition of the company’s best ever “cut and sew” sub-contractor in early 2000, Piers worked with the local authorities in Chasan, Dongguan to acquire the Company’s own purpose built factory as well as establish the company in China as a Wholly Owned Foreign Investment Enterprise. Both these goals were achieved by the end of 2002.
With 20 years experience in soft toy and cloth book manufacturing the Animal Magic Team brings a wealth of experience to its clients. Product development needs are met through our renowned Design Studio – whatever the product, we bring expert textile design, engineering and innovation to your Product Development Team.
At Animal Magic, one of the leading plush toy and cloth book manufacturers, we place great value on talent and capable human resources. We actively promote modernized business management and social compliance responsibility by maintaining and constantly improving our skills using ISO9001 : 2000, ICTI, C-TPAT certification as the yardstick of our success. Animal Magic seeks to build mutual growth with all our employees, whatever their skills and responsibilities.
If you have been employed for more than 5 years, particularly if you have experience in the toy industry and if you have the desire and ability to work for a plush toy company like ours, then Animal Magic is keen to see your resume and we will be pleased to communicate further with you. We look forward to hearing from you!

我们专业从事布绒玩具的开发、制造与销售。1990年,Animal Magic BV由Piers Morgan先生在荷兰创建。1997年,Animal Magic Asia Ltd.在香港成立。2002年,Animal Magic China Ltd. [安杰玩具(东莞)有限公司]在东莞市茶山镇成立,这标志着Animal Magic(安杰)从此有了自己的生产基地。迄今为止,凭借安杰荷兰、香港、中国内地等三地的机构设置,安杰形成了自己得天独厚的优势:布绒玩具每月具备超过200万只的制造能力,销售触角直接与欧洲无缝链接。同时,我们还积极推行现代化的企业管理、承担社会责任,相继推行CQC(ISO9001:2000版)、ICTI、C-TPAT等认证。




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